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The benefits of using natural makeup that’s been designed for darker skin

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If youre reading this, youve probably experienced the trials and tribulations of purchasing makeup for darker skin. Amidst a plethora of pearly pinks, peaches and nudes, theres never really been much space in the makeup stakes for women of colour, but there is light at the end of the beige toned tunnel as cosmetics brands are finally starting to produce a range of products to suit olive and darker skin tones.


Where traditional high-street brands are paving the way for cosmetics tailored to darker skin, the natural makeup industry is seriously lagging behind, which is why we're dedicating our efforts and expertise here at MoMineral Makeup UK to fill that makeup-shaped hole in producing high-quality natural makeup thats suited to a range of darker skin tones. But why go natural at all? There are far more pros than cons to natural makeup, which weve listed below.

MoMineral Makeup UK


Safe and natural

Natural makeup contains no harsh chemicals or ingredients which can potentially do long-term damage to your skin, including irritation, allergies and acne breakouts. Conventional makeup also contains parabens, a not so gentle ingredient that is used to extend the shelf-life of cosmetics products, which means they tend to last longer than natural makeup. Though this may be considered a benefit in some books, recent studies show that parabens can be severely damaging to your insides as they can interfere with your hormones and have even been labelled as carcinogenic. Nobody wants that sort of interference going on inside of them, right?


Fragrance free

Most conventional cosmetic products made with synthetic fragrances and perfumes which are designed to disguise the smell of chemicals found in your makeup up. More often than not, these fragrances end up being the cause of skin irritation and headaches. MoMineral makeup products naturally smell like the ingredients in the product, which makes them a far more genuine alternative.


Good for you ingredients

Natural makeup contains minerals and nourishing ingredients that are good for your skin. Makeup products containing cocoa butter and natural extracts are seriously beneficial and high in antioxidants. Darker skin is much oilier than fair skin, which is more of a blessing than a curse because it is the natural oils in your pores that keep your skin looking soft and young. As great as that sounds, having oily skin is also seriously annoying, but natural mineral based cosmetics are great at helping to control shine as water-based mineral makeup (you can add drops of water into your powder to get foundation feel) wont clog up your pores or give you acne breakouts.


Natural protection

Believe it or not, the ingredients found in most natural cosmetic products, such as titanium, zinc and iron oxides, act as natural SPFs, which serve to protect your skin from sun damage and the harmful effects of UVA light. In turn, these precious minerals present in MoMineral Makeup Products help to prevent early signs of ageing. Points all round!


Commitment to the environment

The majority of popular high-street brand cosmetics, lets call it industrial makeup, are made using chemicals which are just as bad for the environment as they are for your skin. The release of these chemicals in the atmosphere, such as in the air you breathe and in your water supply can make a seriously negative impact on your surroundings. A lot of industrial makeup brands dont consider sustainability either, whereas most natural beauty products are sustainably farmed and organically manufactured, which means youll be the world of good for the planet in purchasing them instead.

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