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Momineral Makeup:100% Natural ingredients for healthy skin

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MoMineral Makeup company’s ethos promotes self-confidence and radiant skin. We care about you and your skin thus; our products are formulated with natural and skin nourishing ingredients that enhance your natural beauty and promotes a healthy lifestyle.

We take pride in formulating and manufacturing all our products in the UK. This implies our cosmetics are certified and complies with the highest regulatory standards imposed for skin health and safety in the UK and Europe.

At MoMineral UK, we strongly believe that the skin being the largest living organ should be allowed to breathe and treated gently with regular care. Bearing this in mind, all ingredients used in our formulas are extensively researched and tested to ensure they are free from potentially skin irritating ingredients like talc, perfumes, preservatives and artificial or chemical dyes. In addition, we refrain from using Bismuth Oxychloride (a by-product of lead and copper refinery processes commonly identified with skin irritation when used in cosmetics), and mineral oil (a petroleum by-product associated with clogging pores).

MoMineral Products

We are proud that our products are formulated with non-comedogenic ingredients that do not clog pores. That is, no more acne or breakouts from congested skin! Our products are suitable for sensitive skin and safe to use with post cosmetics procedures as we use only 100% natural ingredients in our products.

Hope you enjoy a new healthy glow!

MoMineral UK

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