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After the trial I was speechless...

Posted by MoMineral UK on

"First of all, I would like to apologise for the long waiting of my review.  MoMineral foundation was something I did not intend to buy.  I remember saying I will just go for the trial as my friend asked me to, and not only that a week ago I did makeup shopping with YSL product.
But I have to admit after the makeup trial I was speechless as MoMineral Foundation covered all the marks on my face and did an incredible job of making me look so natural.  It had my skin colour showing perfectly.  I have never used any foundation like this before.  Something which is not only affordable but can be worn on without someone noticing. The colour blends very well with my skin tone resulting in a glowing pure African beauty, with no patches of different colours.
MoMineral foundation, in my opinion, has been the best for Dark Skin as it doesn't contain alcohol and does all the magic with only little usage."
~ Arafat, France.

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