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Speech at Official Launch of MoMineral UK First Outlet.

Posted by Omolara Tayo-Sobajo on

We are very excited to welcome everyone because is a dream come through not only for us but for our community. As we all know, the journey of a thousand mile starts with a step.

MoMineral Makeup started as an online makeup brand out of our passion to create a solution in our own little way. There was a time where it felt like the beauty industry cannot be bothered to cater for the dark skin. It was a big struggle to match our skin without looking funny.

Summer 2012, I was bent on finding a good foundation for myself. If I found myself lucky, I was going to introduce my friends and colleagues to the brand. I went to a big shop with wide range of renown makeup brands & unfortunately, I came out looking grey & disappointed.

As a makeup artist for people with dark skin, it was very frustrating to match the skin. In other to achieve a flawless complexion, my clients will wear more than one foundation in different brands. The option for us to wear NATURAL brand make up wasn't just there. However, today, the story is changing. We are beginning to take responsibility, we are looking out for ourselves.

MoMineral Makeup is here today out of the passion to care for our community with makeup products created with the melanin-rich skin in mind. MoMineral Makeup products are made from the finest natural ingredients because we deserve the best!

MoMineral Crafts shop is loaded with a variety of creative handmade products to showcase, & share with the world, the creative Africa's impeccable love for colours, rich cultures & arts.

We are proud of our heritage & as a brand that has come to stay, we hope to promote entrepreneurship, create empowerment among our community & support the promotion of good & inclusive values in the UK.

We are open to creative ideas & suggestions. We hope you will all find this place a home away from home.

Thank you all for coming & we hope you are having a good time.

Omolara Tayo-Sobajo. MBA

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  • Nicely said. Freshly baked. Endless Profit. Community impact. These & More, from my heart, to Mo’Mineral. I’m always so proud of Lara & Tayo

    Omolewa Ogunsola on

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